Tottenham vs Manchester United: Roy Keane ‘would have swung punches’ at David de Gea after error for Steven Bergwijn goal


Roy Keane says he would have “thrown punches” at David de Gea after his error for Steve Bergwijn’s goal to give Tottenham the lead over Manchester United.

The Spaniard could not stop the Dutchman’s shot, which was fired straight at him.

And Keane did not hold back at half-time when analysing De Gea’s performance, insisting he was “disgusted” by the manner of the goal Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side conceded.

“I’m shocked by that goal,” Keane told Sky Sports. “To give away that goal, I’m fuming. I can’t believe Shaw heading the ball up in the air and running forward, I’m staggered by Maguire I’m sick to death of this goalie there’s no getting away from it, I’d be swinging punches at that guy, I’m flabbergasted.

“There’s got to be somebody getting stuck in at half-time, not that United have been bad, you’ve got to impose your personality on this game Maguire and De Gea.

David De Gea reacts after his blunder (AFP)

“I wouldn’t let them on the bus back, they’re established internationals. We’re trying to get top four, god forbid winning trophies, shocking.

“I’m disgusted with them, hang your head in shame. The most overrated goalkeeper I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

Gary Neville agreed that De Gea simply had to save the shot from Bergwijn.

“The first mistake is the back line not in line,” Neville pointed out. “Maguire can’t allow him (Bergwijn) to come back inside.

“But once he does, he lines one up on the goalkeeper, he’s just got to save it, do whatever you have to do.”


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