Sky Sports Premier League live 2019/20 fixture list revealed


The Premier League will return on 17 June after a three-month coronavirus-enforced break.

While Liverpool’s 25-point league at the top of the table seems insurmountable with nine full gameweeks to come, Champions League spots are still up for grabs, with Chelsea and Manchester United seemingly jostling for fourth place.

Meanwhile, north London rivals Tottenham and Arsenal are not even guaranteed places in the Europa League next term as Wolves and Sheffield United look to pick up where they left off before the league’s suspension.

A tense battle at the bottom of the table could well begin when the action resumes, too, with Brighton, West Ham and Watford not yet safe despite Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich occupying the relegation places as things stands.

The BBC, Amazon and BT Sport will all be showing games upon the Premier League’s return, but below you’ll find everything you need to know about Sky Sports’ upcoming coverage.

Football is set to return to Sky Sports (AFP via Getty Images)

How many games will Sky show?

Of the 92 remaining Premier League games, Sky has the rights to 64, which is 25 more than they were due to show before the season was interrupted. Twenty-five of Sky’s matches are expected to be free-to-air.

Which games do we know Sky will broadcast so far?

  • Wed 17 June: Aston Villa vs. Sheff Utd, 6pm, Sky Sports
  • Wed 17 June: Man City vs. Arsenal, 8.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Fri 19 June: Norwich vs. Southampton, 6pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick
  • Fri 19 June: Tottenham vs. Man Utd, 8.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Sat 20 June: West Ham vs. Wolves, 5.30pm, Sky Sports
  • Sun 21 June: Newcastle vs. Sheff Utd, 2pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick
  • Sun 21 June: Aston Villa vs. Chelsea, 4.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Sun 21 June: Everton vs. Liverpool, 7pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick
  • Mon 22 June: Man City vs. Burnley, 8pm, Sky Sports
  • Tue 23 June: Leicester vs. Brighton, 6pm, Sky Sports
  • Tue 23 June: Tottenham vs. West Ham, 8.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Wed 24 June: Man Utd vs. Sheff Utd, 6pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick
  • Wed 24 June: Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace, 8.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Thu 25 June: Southampton vs. Arsenal, 6pm, Sky Sports
  • Thu 25 June: Burnley vs. Watford, 6pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick
  • Sun 28 June: Watford vs. Southampton, 4.30pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick
  • Tue 30 June: Brighton vs. Man Utd, 8.15pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick
  • Wed 1 July: Everton vs. Leicester, 6pm, Sky Sports
  • Wed 1 July: Bournemouth vs. Newcastle, 6pm, Sky Sports, Sky Pick
  • Wed 1 July: West Ham vs. Chelsea, 8.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Thu 2 July: Sheff Utd vs. Tottenham, 6pm, Sky Sports
  • Thu 2 July: Man City vs Liverpool, 8.15pm, Sky Sports

For the full TV guide to the upcoming Premier League fixtures, click here.


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