Good Investments That Don’t Require Your Time and Presence All the Time



Here are 3 simple investments and tips that can help you be growing your money without much of your times and presence all the time:

1. Hire Purchase With Uber or any Cab Hailing Taxis Services that are managed by a Fleet Management company

There are good channels in Abuja and Lagos where you can get a car and put it on hire purchase whereby the maintenance of the car and management is not your day to day headache. The management fees you pay to he fleet manager obliges them to to that for you.

2. There are financial apps that help you buy treasury bills these days and some others that help you invest in agricultural vehicles either as slots of other renderings. Make sure they have insurance when you go for this. Some have investment cycles of from 4 months to 24 months. Piggy bank, Farm Crowdy, and any government registered platforms.

3. Getting a good land in a good location that can appreciate over time. You don’t need to visit the land daily for it to be growing in value. At the appropriate time, you can sell off and make profit. This is an area of real estate.

You see, these investments do not require you to go there daily, some can be monitored online, while the other just reports back weekly or monthly with your returns.


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